Available courses

Step1. Bridge to PMP- Based on PMBOK6

Step 1: Bridge to PMP

The course is a new course based on PMBOK sixth edition. 

Take it easy and do the homework.

Step2. 35 PDU PMP Online

35 PDU PMP Online

Lay foundation

Comes with the 35 PDU downloadable certificate

Step3. PMP Test Prep Kit

PMP Test Prep Kit

Practice and Simulate

Recaps, Knowledge Area wise tests, and Full-Length mock tests help you effectively prepare for the PMP challenge.

Go/No Go will a key tool to avoid the pitfall to fail in the PMP exam.

Schedule your exam when you are ready!

Teacher: Ajay Sharma

How to file PMP Application

The course simplifies the entire process of filling PMP application. You have a downloadable PMP application template in excel. See the videos and be ready to fill up the PMP application form in minutes.

FREE PMP Mock Test and Games

Sample PMP Mock test - 30 Questions - 30 Mins.

..and few games for you to explore.. Based on PMBOK5

All the best!